The Cliffs Mission


The Cliffs Interpretation Centre and estate embody the essence of the village of Dingli, managed by La Pinta Ltd., a local company rooted in the rural village with several direct links to its traditions and history. Our history dates back five generations with the presence of the village bakery in the centre of Dingli since the late 1800s. Generation over generation took over the bakery until over 70 years ago, the late Luigi Muscat, a direct relative, owned a bar within the same place. “Louis Bar” served as a centre where manuscripts were read to the illiterate locals.

Since the previous generations, La Pinta owns a large agricultural estate within the adjacent areas of Dingli Cliffs. Today, the estate can boast an extension of about 2 hectares, planted mainly with fruit trees of the Quince, Figs, Hawthorn, and Pomegranate, amongst many natural trees of the typical vegetated maquis community.

The Cliffs Interpretation Centre is located within the original historical TACAN building, built in the 1960s by the British Royal Air Force. The building became derelict upon the British departure from the Maltese Islands until the project started. The ingredients for the successful operation resolve around being local, having a sense of belonging and knowledge of the area, and love of nature and local produce!

2018 Anders Wall Award

(by Anders Wall Foundation in cooperation with European Commission DG Environment) – Diploma of Recognition for Creating a positive rural environment.

SKÅL International Sustainable Tourism Awards

(by Skål International) – First prize in the category Educational Programmes and Media.

ECTN Sustainable Cultural Tourism 2018

(by ECTN, Europa Nostra, European Travel Commission) – First prize in the category Contributions by Cultural and Creative Industries.

Sustainable Enterprise Award

(by Ministry for the Economy, Investment and Small Businesses) – Third prize.

Green Apple Award for Environmental Best Practice - 2018

(by The Green Organisation) – European Bronze Award.

Aims and Targets

Living at Dingli and being one of the main land users of the cliffs, we have long seen the need of blending the environment with tourism and local aspects. Addressing the previous lack of services for visitors was recognised as crucial especially because The Cliffs is located in the middle of the largest Special Area of Conservation within the protected Natura 2000 Network in the Maltese Islands.  Since its inception in 2011, The Cliffs Interpretation Centre has focused on providing an informative and innovative visitor experience which highlights the environmental, historical and gastronomical potential along Dingli Cliffs, with the input of authentic local personnel.

In fact, our operations revolve around the principle of innovation – by thinking outside the box – amalgamating gastronomy with information provision to generate environmental consciousness. Our strategy has rejuvenated and embodied sustainability to the Dingli countryside. The interconnections between the needs of the environment, socio-economic potential, and the input of local culture and traditions are fused together in the self-sufficient concept.

As a significant stakeholder within this protected natural area, The Cliffs has always had an educational role related to protection and conservation of the surrounding environment. Living in the area and monitoring by direct interaction is part of our daily life, with various landusers being successfully brought together under one roof.

With the latest initiative of planting and maintaining hundreds of trees, The Cliffs estate will ensure that the general public will have unprecedented access to the pristine environmental landscape down Dingli Cliffs. The planted trees are indigenous to the islands and are often less appreciated that the typical fruits, so we aim to revive past traditions such as in the making of quince jams and chutneys and the use of the hawthorn.


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The Cliffs Interpretation Centre
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