Prunus dulcis

Lewża, Siġra tal-Lewż


Season: Summer

Almond trees, whether the wild bitter almonds or the cultivated sweet almonds are scattered through the countryside. It is an important ingredient for many local pastries, such as the Maltese almond biscuits, the figolli or the sweet halva (Helwa tat-tork).



Carya illinoinensis
Ġewż ta’ l-Indi

Season: November – December
Pecan Nuts

Our very own Ravioli Borage features the pecan nuts tossed with the sauce, a homage to the pecan trees planted by the British 200 years ago along the valley watercourse of Buskett Gardens!

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Local Products

We give first preference to agricultural products available in the area according to the season and we also produce a wide range of local organic product including jams, marmalades, olive oil, savoury delicatessen, dried herbs and more.

The Herbs and Spices available are hand-harvested and packed from foraged plants and are produced in small quantities. Historical, cultural and local aspects have been considered in the selection of sweet produce such as jams, marmalades and preserves and Savoury produce.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil sold at The Cliffs is a tribute to the oldest olive tree that is found at our estate down the cliffs. The olives are hand-picked from family-run groves from Dingli and are pressed exclusively using mechanical means.

Whatever you see, you can buy – take it home and share the taste with family and friends!


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