May 12, 2020

Flight of the Raptors – Honey Buzzards visiting the Maltese Islands

Bird migration is one of the wonders of the natural world, undertaken by approximately one out of every five bird species. Migration is an extraordinary feat […]
May 10, 2020

The most common Mediterranean Thistle and the steppe vegetation

The major communities which characterise the terrestrial vegetation assemblages of the Maltese Islands are part of the successional sequence leading to the climax assemblage i.e. from […]
May 6, 2020

Can we apply the lessons of early response to the health crisis to the global biodiversity crisis and the decline in pollinators?

Covid-19 has shown us how we need to learn to adapt to a ‘new’ normal at a very fast rate. This need to adapt for the […]
May 3, 2020

The Snakes in Malta – did you know that one species is venomous?

When thinking about snakes in Malta, we often remember the story of how upon arriving on Malta, St. Paul was bitten by a snake and threw […]
May 1, 2020

Exotic orchids – the Pyramidal Orchid blooms

There’s more to the exotic orchids than meets the eye. Orchids are one of the world’s most adored and refined flowers, which have fascinated human kind […]
April 28, 2020

The nocturnal and elusive European Nightjar

Nocturnal birds differ from diurnal ones, not just because the former is active at night in the hunting for prey, but there are even some physical […]
April 27, 2020

The succulent Stonecrop in exposed rocky areas

Native plants of the Mediterranean Islands have adapted to survive the long, hot dry summers and the short cool winters. Since conditions may be quite stressful, […]
April 26, 2020

The spread of the deadly olive tree disease and potential repercussions

On a global scale, one of the most dangerous plant bacterium is the Xylella fastidiosa, a plant pathogen which causes huge negative impacts not only on […]
April 24, 2020

The common Bindweed flowers

The Convolvulus is a genius of about over 200 flowering plant species of the Bindweed or Morning Glory family, mostly climbing or trailing vines or herbs. […]