October 3, 2016

The Mediterranean Tiger Moth

The Mediterranean Tiger Moth (Cymbalophora pudica, Żarżur), identified by its tessellated pattern made of black shapes on a light background, can be seen from September to […]
September 29, 2016

Biodiversity at The Cliffs Centre and CEPA

Biodiversity is often defined as the “variety and variability of life on Earth…an essential component of nature.” Malta is one of the signatories of the Convention […]
September 29, 2016

Locals, landuses and stakeholder responsibility

The Cliffs Interpretation Centre is located in the middle of the largest Special Areas of Conservation (Natura 2000 network) in the Maltese Islands. As a significant […]
September 29, 2016

Managing Protected Areas

The Cliffs Interpretation Centre is located in the middle of the largest stretch of Natura 2000 in the Maltese Islands. The stretch entitled ‘Rdumijiet ta’ Malta: […]
September 29, 2016

Continued work of The Cliffs Interpretation Centre

The European Union’s Habitats Directive is the nature legislation which identifies, protects and conserves protected areas of several species and habitats. The company which runs The […]
September 23, 2016

The first FREE eco-tours in Malta!! New updates to the Discover Dingli Cliffs tours offered since 2010!

The Cliffs Interpretation Centre has just updated its tours, which have been offered at The Centre for the last 5 years. Our tours, which are offered […]
September 19, 2016

ITS Students Visit

Several groups of ITS students enrolled in the Rooms Division Certificate course visited The Cliffs Interpretation Centre for a school outing focusing on offering a tourism […]
September 15, 2016

A fruit of many colours and uses: The prickly pear

The fruit of the prickly pear, covered all over by minute spines offers much more than what meets the eye. Careful peeling of the thick outer […]
September 15, 2016

From Local to Local 3

On the third day of organised packages to local entities by The Cliffs Interpretation Centre with the collaboration of Dingli Local Council, Ghaqda Talent Dingli visited […]